Let us help you navigate your Human Resources waypoints

HR Consulting Services 


We know what it is like to be an "HR Department of One”. 

  • A solo HR practitioner can be pulled in multiple directions. 

  • Managing compliance in a regulated environment can be challenging and time consuming. 

  • Employees are your most important asset yet people challenges can become your most costly problems.


We provide HR solutions to help non-profits, small businesses, and entrepreneurial startups stay focused on their course.  We enjoy stepping in, rolling up our sleeves, and learning how we can best serve their HR needs. Whether you need day-to-day, project or short-term interim support, we are available to work onsite or remotely.  We provide HR expertise and the know-how to build and enhance your HR department.


A sampling of our most commonly requested HR Consulting Services is listed below.  

  • Onboarding and OffboardingAre you looking to grow your business? We think people matter and know your talent will help you achieve your vision and business goals. We help you create an exceptional employee experience that begins during the interview process and continues through retirement.

  • HR Compliance.  Wait, HR compliance? Let us help you navigate the not-so-fun part of HR.  And, we really want to do that. We find HR to be fun! Important compliance items include Form I-9, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), State and Local Sick Leave Laws, and Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

  • HR Department Audits and Assessments. Do you find that you are faced with an HR requirement when you don't have the time to learn about it?  Let us provide you a summary of your current state and a list of recommendations that will help you become more compliant. 

  • HR Policy Development. Not sure which federal, state and local laws apply to you? Good news!  We create, review, and provide suggested enhancements to HR policies or employee handbooks. And, don't worry. We believe a simple policy may be better. 

  • Time and Attendance. Are you thinking about earnings codes and deductions codes? We enjoy coordinating pay practices to be in compliance with both the Department of Labor's requirements and other applicable pay requirements. We provide employee training on data entry for hours worked and guidance on you how you can manage your pay practices.  

  • HR Polices + Payroll Practices. Have you found that your payroll processing might not match HR polices and vice versa? We create streamlined payroll processing procedures to compliment your HR policies. This is an important task for companies to ensure they are in compliance with various federal, state, and local regulations and requirements. 

  • Benefits. Do your employees generally view their benefits as a meaningful component of their compensation? And, do you find your benefits program costs continue to increase year over year?  We'll introduce you to benefit brokers who'll work in your company's best interest. We'll also partner with your benefit broker to draft simple-to-understand employee communications, create Open Enrollment presentations, and facilitate employee meetings. 

  • Compensation. Are you paying your employees competitively in your local market? Understanding how pay practices impact employee engagement and company compliance requirements can be complicated. Let us price your jobs by considering market data and internal equity. And, there is more we can do here. We draft job descriptions, develop compensation plans, complete and analyze market data surveys, and craft easy-to-read employee communications.

  • HR Technology. Is your employee data organized and safeguarded?  Are you utilizing a cloud-based solution? We've taken HR departments from paper files to paperless e-folders. We enjoy system thinking and data mapping.  We'll manage this process from a request for proposal, to evaluation of vendor capabilities and solution offerings, to vendor selection and implementation. We love rolling-up our sleeves and getting involved, especially when we help to streamline HR processes and saving you time and expenses.

  • Employee Total Rewards Statements. Has an employee asked you for a raise, thinking their worth to you is defined by their base pay? We can build a customized one-page compensation summary you can provide to your employees.  Let's show your employees how much you value them. 

  • Performance Management. Do you need a simple process that motivates employees to perform year round? We build simple performance management tools you can use to manage performance within your company. When done right, performance management can build a supportive company culture.